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Go Away
"Leave me alone."
Jesus sighed.
"I can clean you up. I can protect you."
His child curled up in to a tighter ball.
"I don't know why You're still here." he barked.
Jesus opened His mouth, but there only escaped a soft groan.
"I can be your Shepherd. I can watch over you."
The child grew irritated.
"Look, just shut up already. I don't need anything, especially from You. Can't You get the hint?"
Jesus looked down and took one step towards His child of the night.
"I can hold you. I can heal you."
The child flinched.
"Stop...stop it..." the child whispers, fighting back tears. "Go away. Go away!!!"
Jesus jumped slightly from the tone in His child's voice. He watched as His child rose slowly, his legs battered. The child fell because of the anguish he felt in his legs.
"Please." Jesus said as He extended His hand towards the child.
The child didn't even look up. He crawled away from Jesus as fast as he could, only to hide behind a wall further from where Jesus was.
He wasn't giving up.
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One Little Sheep
One of His sheep thought He wasn't looking. And He knew how this one little sheep could be. He was headstrong and rebellious. He believed it could do anything by itself, that it could do no wrong.
He watched as the sheep tried to unlatched the hook. After much difficulty, he finally succeeded and wandered off. Jesus stared at him; His eyes never left. He gripped His staff and quietly followed him. The rest of the sheep slept in the green pastures, the stars as their nightlight.
The sheep successfully jumped over rocks, over broken bridges, over small gaps. When he turned around and saw Jesus slowly following him, he panicked. He ran as fast as he could because he knew...once Jesus caught him...he was in...deep trouble.
The sheep pushed his own physical limits. He was breathing rapidly, gasping for a little bit of air.
Jesus watched this and grew concerned. He didn't want to scare His Own. He didn't want to make His Own wander farther from Himself.
So He stopped. He watched as the littl
:iconhis-beloved:His-Beloved 45 45
The Flowers
Jesus and Jacob walked together in a valley filled with flowers.
"I am grateful for what You give me, Jesus," Jacob said as he stared at the ground.
Jesus smiled at him.
"I may not be able to live in a beautiful mansion, or a beach house where I can see the sunsets. But at least I have shelter. At least I have these people and these things that You have given me, that You have placed in my life. I am blessed in so many ways." Jacob smiled.
Jesus replied, "My blessings to you are like the flowers you see."
Jacob looked around and Jesus bent down to grab one.
"There many blessings, Lord." Jacob said in awe.
Jesus smiled at the small daisy in His hands and said, "Very few pick them up, and embrace them. Others step all over them. Others simply ignore them."
Jacob blinked several times as he stared at the all the flowers below him. Jesus put His hand on Jacob's shoulder. Now he knew. Whenever he saw a blessing sent from God, he would be one of those few who would pick them up.
:iconhis-beloved:His-Beloved 48 18
The Heartbeat
Bobby stared at the Crucifix in his hands. He meditated on Jesus' Passion for all of mankind...for him. He didn't understand. The more he thought about it, Bobby broke down in to a great frustration and tears.
"Why? Why did You have to die for me?"
He threw himself on his bed and kept the Crucifix in his hands. He stared at His Savior on that cross. And it made him even more frustrated.
"I belonged there, not You. You didn't have to do it, You know."
He flipped over on his stomach and sighed.
"You are innocent. You've done nothing. I'm disgusting and dirty, and I've done...well, just about everything. I know why You did it...but I don't understand why."
He got on his feet.
"It's all so frustrating, and it gives me a headache. You know that I belonged up there, but You died for me anyway."
He wiped the tears from his eyes.
"Why, huh? Why did You do it?"
Suddenly, all the light in Bobby's house shut down. He groaned.
"Carrie, stop messing with the power!!! I know you're just trying to sc
:iconhis-beloved:His-Beloved 39 15
Don't be Afraid
It was called The Terminator. Not based on the movie or anything...just a rollar coaster with a huge drop right at the beginning, loops that never seemed to end, and the speed of it was just...dangerous.
Nate stared at it and gulped slowly. He wanted to get on...but he was literally afraid that the ride would kill him.
"What are you afraid of?" Jesus asked him as He also stared at the rollar coaster.
Nate didn't answer. He just gulped again.
"Nate, c'mon! You aren't scared of a little rollar coaster, are you?" one of Nate's friends asked as he ran towards the line.
'Yes!!!' Nate's mind screamed.
"No!" he replied.
"Alright, then go." Jesus said as He pushed Nate towards The Terminator.
"Wha...are You crazy, Lord?! The thing is gonna kill me!!!" Nate whispered harshly.
"No it's not. Go, have fun." Jesus said.
"Naaaaate. Duuude, come on. Stop standing there and get in line!"
Nate looked at Jesus in desperation. Jesus simply smiled and said, "Go on!"
The line was too long. Well, for Nate,
:iconhis-beloved:His-Beloved 27 13
Losing You
"You are too funny, Jesus!" Alice laughed.
Jesus smiled and scooted closer to Alice. "What else do you want to talk about?"
"Well...I know this is totally weird and off topic, but I wanna talk to You about fears."
"Fears? Sure! Do you have any?"
Alice giggled. "You know, Jesus! Only You know; I may be scared of things that I don't even know exist!"
He smiled and said, "Yes, but I just want to hear you say it."
After she melted over how cute His smile was, she said, "You first. Do You have at least one fear?"
Jesus looked at her. His eyes reached deep in to her very soul and He said, "Yes."
Alice shuddered by the power in His voice.
"What are You afraid of, Jesus?" she asked gently.
His eyes never left hers and He simply replied;
:iconhis-beloved:His-Beloved 87 21
Some Studying
Genesis 2:7
We are all special.
If we trip or fall, if we have a blemish on our face, if we say something very idiotic...
It matters not.
God took His Precious time creating you. He made sure to form your eyes a certain way, your nose a certain way, your body a certain way. He made sure to make you special in your own way!
God didn't just splash your eyebrows on and say, "Okay, I'm done."
He places every brow on your eyebrows gently and delicatly, and he made it that it would stay that way. You hair, your eyes, your arms, your legs, your torso; He took great care when He created them.
He used His Time; His Time, something that He could have been doing for the Angels, He used all of that Time on YOU.
Cuz' He loves you!!!
:iconhis-beloved:His-Beloved 30 22
My Baby
"Good night, babe..."
"Night, hon..." Jessica whispered with a smile as she kissed her boyfriend goodbye.
It was three in the morning. She was grounded, but she just had to see him, her lover. Even if it meant breaking her bedroom window after her parents had locked it because of her excessive sneaking out. She didn't care. She knew that rebellion was all a part of teenage life, and she was ready and willing to live it out.
She turned the doorknob of the front door of her house and smiled when she discovered that it was open. She saw no lights on; perfect.
She quickly entered and locked the door as quietly as she could. She then turned quickly and looked around.
Nobody in the foyer.
She jogged to the stairs and slowly and surely climbed up. Her mom would always know whenever somebody climbed up the stairs, but not tonight.
"Huh...she must be exhausted..." Jessica mumbled as she reached the top of the stairs.
She turned to her right and reached her bedroom door. She sighed a sigh of rel
:iconhis-beloved:His-Beloved 50 17
It was a nice summer night. Jesus stroked Cayla's head slowly and carefully, He put His fingers through her fine red hair. She purred and patted Jesus's left hand. He smiled and said, "Love, I need to tell you something."
She sat upright in His lap.
"What is it, Jesus?" she asked eagerly.
"You need to know of My protection."
Two doves flew up a tree right across from the Olive Grove where they were sitting.  One of the doves  was gently cooing to the other, and the other dove responded by cooing back. Cayla watched carefully and then Jesus pointed at them.
"Do you see those two doves, love?" He asked.
"Surely..." she said.
"Watch them." He said as He rested His chin on her head.
The doves started showing each other great affection. They seemed to dance around with one another, completely happy and totally in love. When one of them laid down to rest, the other rested on top. Another animal came and tried to attack the doves, but the one laying on top quickly stood an
:iconhis-beloved:His-Beloved 43 50
Adam had the voice of an angel. Whenever he sung, the people around him suddenly became enchanted and wanted to hear more of his attractive, melodic voice.
He would practice singing in a little studio that his father set up for him, and he never forgot to sing at least one song for the Glory of God. Every time he practiced, he sang to Jesus and he especially liked to sing "Forever".
Every day, Adam took time out of his own schedule to sing to Jesus; he was not ashamed, nor was he shy. He knew that God had given him this gift, the gift of song. He planned to use it until he could no longer sing.
One evening, Adam was walking home from his local Church and he started to sing.
"I'll worship You my God. I'll worship You my God. I love You! I love You!"
The scattered leaves from the trees blew around Adam's feet.
"Forever I will sing. Forever I will be with You. Be with You."
The sunset seemed to stay where it was; it wasn't moving at all.
"I'll worship at Your Throne, whisper my own love s
:iconhis-beloved:His-Beloved 18 9
He was lonely.
The Creator of all things...was lonely.
He had created all that His Heart desired, but He still felt that yearning for somebody...somebody whom He longed to touch, to caress, to remind of His constant love.
He closed His eyes and imagined this somebody whom He would love more than the sun, the moon, the stars, the seas, the animals, the land. He smiled as He thought and He opened His eyes slowly.
"Perfect..." He whispered.
He gathered the flowers from His garden, the grass and the dirt from under His feet, and the clouds drifting past Him. He gently and slowly molded out His creation, His beloved dream, in His hands. He gently made the eyes, blue with a hint of brown. He gently made the lips, petite and plush. He gently made the nose, rounded and button-like. He grabbed a little brush and painted the eyebrows, firm and strong.
He grabbed silk and made strands, hundreds of thousands of strands, and He placed them in the scalp. He twisted it with His pinky, and He made som
:iconhis-beloved:His-Beloved 33 6
Her Prayer by His-Beloved Her Prayer :iconhis-beloved:His-Beloved 6 1 My Dear by His-Beloved My Dear :iconhis-beloved:His-Beloved 15 1 Crystal Clear by His-Beloved Crystal Clear :iconhis-beloved:His-Beloved 15 1 The Holy Family by His-Beloved The Holy Family :iconhis-beloved:His-Beloved 1 1 Vacation by His-Beloved Vacation :iconhis-beloved:His-Beloved 19 6


Jesus loves me this i know by takenbyhope Jesus loves me this i know :icontakenbyhope:takenbyhope 25 23 Be Not Afraid by PeachBum Be Not Afraid :iconpeachbum:PeachBum 39 9 .: Everlasting Love :. by adobongsiopao .: Everlasting Love :. :iconadobongsiopao:adobongsiopao 69 5 Our Lady of Guadalupe by Peekeeboo Our Lady of Guadalupe :iconpeekeeboo:Peekeeboo 19 7
God's love CONTEST
:heart: :heart: THEME :heart: :heart:
The theme of the contest is GOD’S LOVE
Love is one of the primary characteristics of God. Likewise, God has endowed us with the capacity for love, since we are created in His image. So this contest will be about God’s love, His agape love. An unselfish, unconditional, unchangeable and pure love. Feel His love in your life and let your imagination flow for this contest :eager:
In the artist’s comments you have to explain—in a few words—what you want to express with the artwork you make. And you have to include a bible verse (if it’s applicable) that fits what you’re trying to express. The bible verse can be in the deviation or in the artist’s comment, that’s up to you.
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: MEDIUMS ACCEPTED :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:
:bulletyellow: This contest is open to ALL KINDS OF MEDIA! i.e. All traditional and di
:iconjesus-loves-you:Jesus-loves-You 25 85
Israel's Champion by Lightmare7 Israel's Champion :iconlightmare7:Lightmare7 8 9 John 3:16 by Hoshi-dono John 3:16 :iconhoshi-dono:Hoshi-dono 22 12 Princess in Jesus by violetasilvestre2011 Princess in Jesus :iconvioletasilvestre2011:violetasilvestre2011 21 22 La mujer adultera by aleldan La mujer adultera :iconaleldan:aleldan 47 22 King of Kings by MicheleHansen King of Kings :iconmichelehansen:MicheleHansen 9 5 It Was About The Sixth Hour by Cecilia37 It Was About The Sixth Hour :iconcecilia37:Cecilia37 12 5 On The Road to Jerusalem by Tahnja On The Road to Jerusalem :icontahnja:Tahnja 149 84 Come to Me by Peekeeboo Come to Me :iconpeekeeboo:Peekeeboo 19 10
I want you to imagine yourself in my place, in this vision:
Imagine yourself on a narrow road, as narrow as a side walk.
As you walk, all you see is extremely tall buildings at each of your sides, no
way out.
Only way is to go forward, 'cause there's nothing but darkness behind
you. As you walk, you see Jesus so close and yet so far away.
You start seeing Demons in every window, taunting you, calling you names.
You begin to run to Jesus, but as you run, the Demons start throwing things at you, yelling at you.
As you get closer to Jesus, they start bringing up personal things from the past.
Then you hear something from one of them that really hurt you, something you
did in the past.
When you get distracted, you trip and fall. When you're on the
ground, you're both scared and sad. Then you hear voices behind you, and they
strike fear into your heart.
When you look back. You see this Angel being torn up
and bitten by a Demon, and the Angel is shouting to you, saying: Hey! Get up!
Start wo
:icon370wii:370wii 32 17
"Did I not promise you that you would see God's glory?"
He almost looked hurt. His eyes, still glistening with tears, shone like a live coal fresh from the flames.
She gaped, awed into silence. Something within her started to burn as she saw Him turn towards the tomb.
"Roll away the stone," He repeated.
For a minute, no one had moved. She had rushed towards him, thinking He had wanted to see his body, saying, "Lord, please, don't…he smells…"
Now they just stood there. A tight feeling passed over the crowd, waves of cold mixed with tinges of warmth. No one dared shatter the feeling—who knew what would break loose?
He turned around and motioned towards some young men. "You four, come, please! Please, roll away the stone. Don't be afraid."
They looked at each other in disbelief, then, very slowly, made their way towards the large seal. They passed just in front of Him, and He patted the back of the last one, whispering, "Thank you," through a teary smile.
Positioning themse
:icondorkinabubble:dorkinabubble 39 45
Jesus, The Good Shepherd by Peekeeboo Jesus, The Good Shepherd :iconpeekeeboo:Peekeeboo 10 3



Andrea Bethany Teresa Mary
Blessed is the one who works.

Jesus Loves You, No Matter What You Do.

The only time when you are ignored is when you don't pay attention to Jesus.

There is no such thing as being worthless. If there was, then why did God spend so much time creating you; why did He care so much about molding out your features and building your personality?
God doesn't make worthless people. If He they weren't on His mind, then why would He bother creating them?

Me: I was talking to Jesus!!! *Explains conversation to family*
Brother:... I'm scared of you.

Instead of complaining about how much running you have to do in life, Be grateful that you can walk in the first place.

Don't give out the title "Best Friend" to any random person that you've just met. Give it to somebody who is willing to fight for that title.

I may not remember the homework assignment or a birthday party.
But I do remember what you did to me.
Memory works in different ways.

Yeah I'm crazy about Him.
Yeah, I'm going to talk about Him a lot.
Yeah, I talk to Him on a regular basis.
Yeah, He talks back to me.
Yeah, I might be insane.
...No, I don't care what you think.

And her heart was lost in darkness.
But her Prince found her, embraced her, and rescued her. :')

Sadly, it has been like this and it will always be like this;
If your pretty, you get attention. If your beautiful, you don't.

Like Rapunzel waits in her tower for her prince, I wait for my Prince in an even larger tower called Planet Earth.

If someone hurts you, forgive them anyways. Not for them, but for you!

To all the people having a bad moment in their life; Stay Strong.
Just because you don't feel loved, it doesn't mean that you aren't.

Mysterious is the one who always smiles.... :)

How Can Love Be Forbidden?

My True Love is not of this world.

Current Residence: Temporarily residing on God's Earth
Favourite genre of music: Japanese music, calming, stuff like that. I don't really like most of the new music these days.
Favourite photographer: God
Favourite style of art: I love different types of writing, and I love art with Jesus in it.
Skin of choice: My own
Favourite cartoon character: Uhm... I don't really watch cartoons...
Personal Quote: You are worth dying for. Jesus thinks so anyways.
  • Listening to: Coronita de Flores
  • Reading: 365 Mary
Hey, howdie, hello!
Yeah you can just...ignore the title, it was a random thought.
Just wanted to drop by and tell you all that Jesus loves each and every eetie bittie weetie one of you!
And I love you all too!!! Sadly, not as much as Jesus, but I do love you guys!!!


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