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Heather adored her relationship with Jesus. She had been saved two years ago and she had stayed faithful to Him, even though she may have stumbled a bit at times. Heather had a really close friend named Anne, and on the bus ride home, both of them conversed about Jesus.
"Hey Anne, do you know this guy named Jesus?" Heather asked.
Anne smiled. "Yes I know, 'this guy.' He's my best friend, we talk every night."
"Wow...really? We talk every night too!!! So, you two are pretty close?" Heather asked, setting her bag down on the floor of the bus.
Anne looked to her left, then to her right. She leaned closer to Heather and Heather did the same.
"I'll let you in on a little secret," she whispered. "but you have to promise not to tell anyone."
Heather placed her hand over her heart. "I promise."
Anne lowered her head and her tone even more. "I can see Jesus."
Heather looked up slowly. "W...what?"
Anne nodded excitedly. NOW Heather was getting pretty jealous with every minute that passed.
"How long have you...uh...known Him?" Heather asked, trying to sound excited for her friend.
"Just five months! He saved me last winter...oh, isn't He a darling? I love Him so very much...He just shows up out of nowhere sometimes!" Anne smiled, jumping up and down in her seat.
Heather felt daggers going through her heart. She had been in love with Jesus for the past two years...and she couldn't see Him?
"Oh...okay...well, that's really good for you, Anne..." Heather smiled.
"I know, right?!" Anne replied, jumping up and down even more.

She was conversing with Jesus that night, and the topic suddenly changed from grasshoppers to Anne.
"Hey Jesus, I want to talk to You about somebody... her name is Anne, and she is a very good friend of mine."
"Oh, Anne! I love her very much. Why would you like to talk about her? " Jesus smiled.
Heather's happy-go-lucky phase was gone right after He had said that.
"Wait...You already have a relationship with her?" Heather asked.
"Yes, I do." Jesus replied.
Heather tried to keep herself contained. She had always been sensitive, and she knew that this was a bad thing, especially towards Jesus. She pasted a fake smile on her face and tried to keep her tears in at the same time.
"Oh! long have you known her?" Heather asked, her voice cracking.
'Ahh, He's going to wonder if something is wrong...' she thought, clearing her throat.
Heather imagined Jesus looking at her with deep concern. Her eyes widened.
'Ahh! Oh no!!! He knows something's up!!!'
"Sweetheart, are you okay?" He asked, Heather feeling a soft thing...almost like a hand... barely touching her cheek.
She felt the tears welling up within her eyes. Darn it!!! Why was she so sensitive, especially towards Him!!!
"Do You show Yourself to her? You...You never let me see You..." Heather choked out, then immediately covering her mouth.
She imagined Jesus just staring at her with deep compassion and He moving His other hand to wipe a stray tear from her face. She wept loudly, her hand still covering her mouth, her left arm around her stomach like she was about to puke.
'I thought He was different...He kept telling me how much He loves me, yet He doesn't even show Himself to me?! Oh, what am I doing? This is so ridiculous, I shouldn't be doing this to Him...but why?! Why is He doing this to me?!"
Heather had been weeping so hard that she couldn't even breathe.
"Heather..." Jesus whispered.
Heather opened her puffy eyes and felt His hands stroking her cheeks. When she opened her eyes even more, she saw no one. This made her weep even more.
"W...why, Jesus?!?! Why...can't...I...s...see Y...You?!?! Anne...mmmmmm....more than Y....You!?!" Heather shouted through her tears.
"...Heather, come here..." she heard Him say gently.
She closed her eyes and felt His warm, tight embrace.
"Oh, my darling...please stop crying...please don't be angry with me..." He whispered.
She felt her body rocking back and forth. She calmed down just by hearing a gentle thumping; she assumed it was His Heart.
"Heather...I tell you this. You may not be able to see me, but I am right here, right by your side. Anne may be blessed to see me and to hear me, but who says that you are not blessed as well? You are blessed to hear me."
"J...Jesus..." Heather whispered. "How come I can't see You?"
She imagined Him smile and she felt her body rocking back and forth even more so.
"You know why? It is because I want to prepare myself more for you."
Heather giggled and closed her eyes.
"Prepare yourself? What are you talking about, Jesus?" she asked.
She felt His embrace around her even more so, and she smiled as a stray tear ran down her face.
"The groom should prepare himself for his beautiful bride, right? In this way, I prepare myself to you."
Heather's heart jerked with excitement. She looked up at her ceiling, imagining that she was staring at Jesus.
"Are you saying that you want to marry me?" she asked as excited as her heart was.
She felt warm lips kiss her forehead gently.
"Yes." He said in a 'as a matter of fact' sort of tone. "That is exactly what I'm saying."
Hey guys!
I know, there are two topics in this story; one about seeing/hearing Jesus while the other one is about being His Bride.

Even though you can't see Him, it doesn't mean that He isn't there.
Even though you can't hear Him, it doesn't mean that He isn't talking.
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aww that's so beautiful
i love it
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"....and the topic changed from grasshoppers to Anne...."

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True dat. True dat.
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very good! you're work is always so beautiful! have a good day and as always be blessed!
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